Bathroom Vanity Unit

A Bathroom Vanity Unit is Definitely Worth It

Want to improve the look of your bathroom instantly? There are several ways to add beauty to a bathroom and the bathroom vanity unit is one of them. Bathroom vanity units easily modify and update the whole bathroom area without spending too much compared to remodeling and overhauling. [...]


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Got Storage Problems? Bathroom Vanity Cabinets to the Rescue

Are your mornings often spent going from room to room and rummaging every drawer in the house just to find your toiletries? Is your bathroom beginning to resemble an area where a tornado just passed, items are all strewn about? Are you constantly embarrassed when a [...]


Modern Bathroom Vanities

Selecting Modern Bathroom Vanities Without Effort

Clean cut. Contemporary. Unique. Sleek. Fresh and updated. These are just some of the words the best describe modern bathroom vanities. Imagine your bathroom as a bare, blank canvas. Put in an ultra chic and modern bathroom vanity and voila! Even the drabbest, dullest bathroom will transform into a posh [...]

Double Sink

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Why Choose a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

If I were to choose between a single or double sink bathroom vanity, hands down, my vote would be for the double sink unit. Why not? Double sink bathroom vanities are doubly functional especially for multiple bathroom users. For married couple, it is great not to argue about which [...]


Corner Bathroom Vanity

Save More Space with a Corner Bathroom Vanity

Those who are low on bathroom floor space need to efficiently plan every furniture and decor they would want to place inside the bathroom. Or else, it would be downright crowded as well as cluttered.
The dilemma for most homeowners is how to fit in a decent size yet [...]


Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bright Bathroom Vanity Lights for Added Beauty

Are you constantly squinting in front of your bathroom vanity while checking make-up in the mirror? Do you often have a hard time finding a specific item though it is just in front of you?
Poor bathroom lighting can make someone dread coming into the bathroom. Not being able to [...]

Latest Reviews

Cole & Company Ellsworth Chest Bathroom Vanity

Cole & Company Ellsworth Chest Bathroom Vanity

Combining a black marble top and cherry-finished wood cabinet, the Cole & Company Ellsworth Chest Bathroom Vanity exudes elegance and class. It certainly can make any bathroom look warm and rich.
The black marble top is shiny enough to reflect perfumes and grooming devices left on it. It includes white veins that stand out in [...]

Gemini Imports MS55O20W Modern Bathroom Vanity

 Gemini Imports MS55O20W Modern Bathroom Vanity

Looking delicate and dainty with its all-white finish and glass top, the Gemini Imports MS55O20W Modern Bathroom Vanity makes a very appealing addition to any bathroom. Designed along contemporary concepts, they only thing curved are the drawer pulls the legs on which the vanity stands.
Built from solid oak wood, the Gemini MS55O20W is a sturdy [...]

Nerino Larka B-3B805FB Pedestal Glass Bathroom Vanity

 Nerino Larka B-3805FB Pedestal Glass Bathroom Vanity

Often when people think of luxury bathroom vanities, they conjure up images of huge cabinets made of the most expensive stones and hardwoods installed in equally huge bathrooms. Admittedly, this is true, but only partly. Small bathrooms can also have their own luxury vanities. A fine example is the Nerino Larka B-3B805FB Pedestal Glass [...]

Design Element DEC081B Andover Cherry Oak Bathroom Vanity

Design Element DEC081B Andover Cheery Oak Bathroom Vanity

Assembled from solid wood using framed type construction, the huge Design Element DEC081B Andover Cherry Oak Bathroom Vanity is a sturdy piece of furniture that can support the equally huge stone counter.
The countertop is a solid slab of natural Baltic Brown granite that is 72 inches wide and 22 inches deep. It is supported [...]

Where to Buy a Beautiful Discount Bathroom Vanity for Sale

A bathroom vanity is a type of cabinet that is installed beneath the bathroom sink. It usually has a tiled or marble top. These tops are especially handy in keeping track and storing items such as soap, makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other personal items. The last thing you would want to do in the morning is go to every room in the house to find what you need. Other bathroom vanities are sold with a sink receptacle, although a correct size sink must be purchased, as well as the faucet, or else they won't fit the vanity properly.

Just like any other bathroom furniture, a bathroom vanity comes in a range of sizes, designs and styles. More often than not, a particular bathroom vanity is designed and sold in several varieties to accommodate every bathroom size. While purchasing one, size is also the most important consideration. You don't want to buy a unit that's twice as large as your bathroom space or cabinets that are just so tiny that it would be useless and unappealing.

Bathroom vanities can be quite expensive, as the cheapest are sold at an average of $400. The more expensive brands are sold at $1000 or higher. Similar to pellet stove prices the exact cost varies greatly. For those who want to acquire a bathroom vanity on a budget, there's still hope; beautiful discount wholesale vanities are available.

A discount bathroom vanity can be acquired in several ways. You can review local ads in the newspaper to see if there are people trying to sell their own vanities (buy used). Checking online classifieds and auction stores, such as Craigslist or eBay is a great way to start too. These huge online bargain sites carry everything from baby swings to your standard air compressor hose. There are countless reasons why some people want to get rid of their bathroom vanities. It could be that they have inherited it and have no use or room for it. Others may be upgrading in terms of vanity size or function while some just want to change bathroom vanities for decor purposes. Regardless of what reasons these sellers have, a good condition discount bathroom vanity is out there waiting just for you. It is just a matter of research and patience.

Buying a used discount bathroom vanity doesn't appeal to some people. As much as possible, they would want a new unit, especially for those first-time buyers. Now, brand new bathroom vanities are sold by numerous manufacturers at a fraction of a cost. Manufacturers have their own reasons for selling their bathroom vanities at marked down prices. It could be that they are no longer producing that type of bathroom vanity or there could be a decline in demand of that particular bathroom vanity model. Once a product has been discontinued or if there is no longer a high demand, a company must produce a new and more popular model to maintain profit. Older stock is sold at lower price to make room for the new.

Just like buying a discount bathroom vanity from a seller found online or in the classifieds, buying new vanities from manufacturers must be done with caution as well. See to it that the manufacturer offers a warranty or a return policy in case of damages or if the discount bathroom vanity is not up to par with your taste. Bathroom vanities are a size-able investment, you want to be sure that it meets your style, size and function needs.